Boosting Local Economies

Salini Impregilo aspires to build infrastructure projects that act as catalysts for growth in the territories where it operates by means of job creation, local supplier growth, increased revenues for host governments, skills and proficiency building, and social support for local communities.

Our Business Sustainability Model is focused on maximising the local resources – both human and material – and on contributing to the economic and social well-being of the communities concerned.

Salini Impregilo is committed to expanding opportunities for suppliers of goods and services in every host country.
The Group’s procurement strategy aims at satisfying, as far as possible, every local need, according to the availability of the requested goods and services.

In 2018, we maintained good relationships with local suppliers, spending 93% of our procurement budget (on average) locally. Moreover, our construction sites contracted more than 5,500 new suppliers, of which 91% were local.


Creating new employment

We focus on engaging a local workforce in areas where projects are located, whenever possible.

Salini Impregilo’s job creation programme in the country where it works plays a crucial role in enhancing the capabilities and skills of local personnel, especially in developing countries – in addition to the salaries paid and the contribution we make to local economies.

In addition to using direct workforce, sub-contractors and other service providers (including technicians, consultants, catering staff, etc.) contribute significantly to local job creation. In 2018, some 38,500 people were employed by our sub-contractors and service providers, 55% of whom were hired locally.


Supporting communities

For Salini Impregilo, building shared growth also means interacting with and supporting the communities that live near our sites.

We continually seek to integrate our sites with the surrounding areas by deepening our knowledge of the country and local area, and we regularly engage with local communities. In 2018 we did this by engaging over 497,000 local stakeholders through meetings, informative campaigns and open-door events.

Salini Impregilo consistently shows its support for communities by promoting a wide range of programmes and activities designed to contribute positively to local communities and the environment, including:

  • Direct interventions for building and delivering infrastructures for the benefit of local residents (schools, health centres, public offices, water networks, roads, and bridges);
  • Social initiatives and programmes conducted directly and in partnership with other organisations (related to social, cultural, sportive, artistic, educational and humanitarian topics);
  • Free access to some of our sites’ facilities (on-site health clinics, training rooms, water wells, roads) for communities living in rural areas not served by basic amenities.


Last update: 31/05/2019