Business sustainability model

Over 100 years of experience in the construction of roads, motorways, railways, dams, hydroelectric plants, tunnels, aqueducts, and civil and industrial buildings around the world, have enabled Salini Impregilo to develop a strong business model that adheres to the principles of sustainable development, which are rigorously applied to all our key processes.


In fact, our sustainability strategy aims at supporting our corporate strategy, reinforcing the distinctive elements that make Salini Impregilo a player able to compete and create value in the global market. Our efforts focus on:


  • Continuing to develop and deliver world-class projects based on innovative solutions, capable of creating shared value for all involved parties;
  • Maintaining open dialogue with our stakeholders, to create the best conditions for their engagement and activate proper support initiatives for our communities;
  • Ensuring the care of all people working with us, improving our safety performance in the workplace and the skills of our employees; and
  • Protecting our environment: developing innovative, sustainable projects and mitigating our direct impact

Last update: 16/04/2018