Our Commitment

Building shared value for all our stakeholders is our big challenge, that we tackle every day promoting the research of excellence for our clients, the satisfaction of our investors, the care for the communities in which we live and work, the development and the integrity of our people and the protection of the environment.

The following are the results achieved in 2017, and the new goals for the future.


Health and Safety
  • The Safety Builders program continued. It aims at promoting a strong organizational Safety culture, by strengthening the leadership skills at all managerial levels
  • The injury frequency rate (FR) improved by 35% compared to 2016
  • The lost day rate (LDR) improved by 38% compared to 2016
  • Continue the implementation of the leadership plan on health and safety designed to create safety leaders, strengthening the internal culture with the aim of encouraging proactive behaviour and further improving injury rates
  • Continue with the internal and external communication plan to strengthen the strategic positioning of Salini Impregilo on health and safety issues
Attracting talent and staff development
  • More than 770,000 thousand hours of training provided to employees
  • The second edition of the master degree course in “International Construction Management” (level I and II) has been rolled out at the Milan Polytechnic, a leading university partner
  • The E-Learning Academy has been strengthened. It’s the Group’s international training hub, launched in 2016 as a platform for sharing technical and specialist know-how
  • Continue to invest in training to ensure the professional development of our employees, by increasingly leveraging internal expertise and know-how and the most innovative methodologies
  • Promote the ongoing scouting and attraction of talent profiles, including through integrated communication plans
  • Continue to invest in external communication to attract talent
Support to local economies and supply chain
  • The share of procurement from local suppliers increased by 3% compared to 2016
  • Indirect jobs (subcontractors etc.) at the Group’s projects increased by more than 7,300 units compared to 2016
  • Over 914,800 hours of training provided to the staff of our subcontractors
  • Continue to support our local value chain, strengthening support, communication, training and transparency activities
Environmental protection and circular economy
  • 1.3 million tonnes of recycled asphalt used
  • 3.3 m3 of water recycled and reused in production processes
  • 21.3 m3 of excavated material reused
  • Optimize energy consumption and waste management, developing a plan to improve environmental performance
  • Continue with the internal training plan to increase awareness of environmental issues
  • Develop an external communication plan regarding environmental issues
Open dialogue and support to communities
  • The main indicators of stakeholder involvement were improved, doubling the number of meetings with local communities, +23% of the people who visited the projects or other events organized by the Group
  • More than 13,600 free health interventions were provided by our worksite clinics to assist local communities in remote and rural areas
  • The reconstruction of a school was completed and delivered in Valfornace, affected by the earthquake in Central Italy in 2016
  • Maintain involvement of local stakeholders
  • Maintain the dialogue with our global stakeholders
  • Continue to support our communities through direct interventions and social programmes

Last update: 16/04/2018