To Environmental stewardship

Large-scale infrastructures are inextricably linked to the environment in which they are realised, enabling the development of territories and improvements in local communities’ living conditions. Salini Impregilo’s projects are mainly devoted to enhancing the accessibility and economic potential of territories.
In designing and delivering our projects we want to contribute to tackle the global challenges facing today’s societies, such as climate change and increasing pollution in urban areas, while ensuring the environmental sustainability of our operational activities through systems of impacts’ protection and mitigation.


>14,000 MW
Installed capacity from hydroelectric projects that produce low-cost clean energy
Increase in excavation materials recycled and reused
1.2 mln t
of recycled asphalt used
4 mln m3
Recycled water reused in production processes

Data refer to the Consolidated Non-financial Statement 2018


2018 Consolidated Non-financial Statement

Last update: 31/05/2019