To Excellence

Salini Impregilo aims to play a key role in advancing the large-scale infrastructures industry worldwide, working in close collaboration with the entire value chain to ensure integrity, transparency and continuous innovation.

For Salini Impregilo, balancing business values with a solid work ethic and maintaining integrity throughout the enterprise in the surest way to preserve the Group's investments and reputation. This commitment is unequivocally stated in the Group's Code of Ethics.

To reinforce the provisions of the Code of Ethics and fully integrate the 10th principle of the Global Compact into the organisation, in 2014 Salini Impregilo developed its own Anti-Corruption Compliance System, composed of a specific policy, a management model, and detailed guidelines and procedures that assign roles and responsibilities for operations and monitoring at all levels of the organisation.

Our route towards excellence and continuous improvement represents for us the main incentive of growth and competitiveness, and directly benefits also a number of our stakeholders: clients and final users beneficiaries of our projects, suppliers and sub-contractors employed in the operational activities, workforce employed, partners and investors.


Local stakeholders involved in engagement activities
Training hours provided to our employees

Data refer to the Consolidated Non-financial Statement 2018


2018 Consolidated Non-financial Statement

Last update: 31/05/2019