Sustainability KPIs


  2017 2016
Economic value distributed to stakeholders 5,749 € million 5,525 € million
Proportion of spending on local suppliers 88% 85%
Total workforce (direct and indirect)* 63,606 59,619
Training hours provided to the workforce (direct and indirect) 1,686,710 hours 1,176,562 hours
Total workforce frequency rate (IR) 4.76 7.34
Energy intensity 1,846 GJ/€ million 1,728 GJ/€ million
Intensity of GHG emissions**  122 t CO2e/€ million  120 t Co2e/€ million

*Indirect worforce includes employees of subcontractors, temporary work agencies and other service providers involved in the Group’s projects
**The intensity rate for GHG emissions includes the sum of Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions. The last one refers to activities performed by subcontractors


Last update: 03/07/2018