Sustainability Report

Until 2016 we voluntarily prepared and published our Sustainability Report, as we wished to communicate how we operate and build shared value for our stakeholders, through our attained results and future commitments, by merging ethical principles, sustainable development and the smart use of resources, while offering a fundamental tool for a continuous and transparent dialogue with our stakeholders.

Starting from 2018 (with regard to the year closed on December 31, 2017), we draw the Consolidated Non-financial Statement (NFS), pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 254/2016 which requires that companies meeting certain criteria provide non-financial disclosures. In the preparation of this Statement we adopt the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards (Core option) – currently the most advanced international standard – published by Global Reporting Initiative in 2016.

The CNFS 2017 was certified by an external independent auditor.

2017 Consolidated Non-financial Statement

Last update: 16/04/2018